This new sermon series start November 2!


Faith Promise Sunday has been moved to October 26. This is also Alabaster Sunday, So, keep filling your Alabaster boxes with coins. Over 100 million dollars have been raised for the construction of churches, schools and hospitals on the Mission field with these donations.  Thank you for caring so much! 

Alabaster Sunday is October 26. Keep filling your Alabaster boxes with coins. Over 100 million dollars have been raised for the construction of churches, schools and hospitals on the Mission field with these donations.  Thank you for caring so much! 


Our pastors are such a blessing to us and now we have an       opportunity to be a blessing back to them. The month of October is a great time to send them a card or note of appreciation as it is designated Pastor Appreciation month. There is a basket for cards in the foyer. 


Mark your calendar to attend this concert on Friday, November 7 at 7:00pm! Purchase earlybird tickets at or iTickets.


Do you miss singing the old hymns and choruses you grew up with? Join us next Sunday evening, November 9 at 6pm for a good ol’ sing-along with our own Steve Davis. Also, you will be treated to an evening message by Matt Solem, one of our ministers in training. It will be an evening to remember!


Find out what it means to be part of this community of believers   at Oro Valley Church of the Nazarene. Our next class on membership will be offered on Saturday, November 15 from   9:00-11:30am and is taught by Pastor Craig. Brunch will be served. Childcare is available upon request. Please RSVP to the church office at 297-8297 or

All men are invited to our Men’s Breakfast THIS Saturday, October 25 from 8:00 to 9:30am. We will continue with the “Son of God” Bible study. Also, Vernon Reeb will be giving his  testimony. Come and bring friends! For more information, contact David Bohlman at

Mark your calendars and our kids as they present the Christmas message! Invite friends!

Everyone is welcome to this free event!  Doors open 1 hour prior to each performance, so come early for best seating. 

  •  Friday, December 12.......7:00pm
  •  Saturday, December 13...5:00pm
  •  Sunday, December 14.....3:00 & 5:00pm
  •  Friday, December 19.......6:00 & 8:00pm
  •  Saturday, December 20...3:00 & 5:00pm
  •  Sunday, December 21.....3:00 & 5:00pm


Join us for a memorable family service. This is a great way to start your Christmas!


Single Moms Care & Support Ministry meets on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month, from 5-7pm in the YAC building. Please help promote this ministry by distributing posters and cards (available in foyer) to places in NW Tucson. (gyms, stores, community boards, day care centers, etc.)
If you are a single mom interested in participating in this group, register on the patio between services today or contact Pastor  Katy at

This fun group meets every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month. It begins on Thursday, September 4 from 9:30-11:30am, in the SWC.  For more information, contact Noel Dreher at 975-7996. 



It’s that time of year! We are collecting items to put in the shoeboxes that we send all over the world! For a list of items, pick up a flyer in the foyer. Bring items to the Student Worship Center by Sunday, November 16. Contact Pastor Genell at for more information.

All kids are welcome! Invite friends and come join the fun!

All senior highers are welcome to this fun event. Watch for details!


For more information, contact Pastor Jimmy at or 297-8297.

On November 8 at noon, our special Thanksgiving feast will be provided by the Men’s Ministry. There will also be a presentation by GAP Ministries. Please register on the patio between services today, October 26 or November 2 so we will have adequate food prepared. For more information, contact Pastor Steve Wilson at


Our Christmas musical is a huge outreach to our community! If you would like to be involved with this effort, contact Pastor Katy at

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY.....and many more to come!

October 26 – Walter and Mildred King
October 27 – Chris and Cathy Moses
October 28 – John and Betty Stevenson, John and Karen Kovacs
October 29 – Evan and Kelly Carlson
November 1 – Ron and Gail Robson
November 2 – Tom and Mary Uphoff, Jeremy and Jenni Young
November 3 – Denzel and Sue Clouse
November 4 – Michael and Rose Censky
November 5 – Darrin and Brenda Baker
November 7 – Rollan and Carol Gongwer
November 11 – John and Del Hudson Perfetti
November 13 – Walter and Victoria Temple
November 16 – Paul and Mary Suddath, Mickey and Noomie Velen
November 17 – Tyler and Courtney Nicholson, Bill and Kathy Hutcherson
November 20 – Paul and Dorothy Smith
November 23 – Pat and Carl Poe, Bernie and Claudine Boomgarden, James and Diane Kemper, Michael and Pat Maas
November 24 – Don and Sharon Wilson
November 25 – Donald and Anita Yeazel
November 27 – Mark and Suzy McCoy
November 28 – Karl and Lara Stempel
November 30 – Richard and Dianna Kalina, Glen and Julie James
December 3 – Neal and Erin Girdler
December 4 – Danny and Penny Myers
December 6 – George and Becky Esslinger, Dwight and Dana Denney, Robert and Kelly Vance
December 11 – James and Lynn Dyer
December 12 – Carl and Donna Herring
December 14 – Jonathan and Kathy Green
December 15 – Doug and Mabeth Clem, Harold and Lena Laney
December 20 – Ralph and Lois Runion, Larry and Barb Vinyard, Doug and Rita Charlton
December 21 – Charles and Sue Hoffman
December 23 – Jim and Nadine Rupp, Jim and Meg Richardson, Zeb and Alyson Delp
December 26 – Bob and Lois Dreher,  
December 27 – Sid and Dianne Felker, David and Barbara Dresher
December 29 – Mike and Sally Gray
December 30 – Charles and Sophia Colldock


October 19 – Miriam Kwast, Darrel Fankhauser
October 20 – Sam Cain, Mike Gray
October 21 – Cassidy Steiner, Chris Clark, Coral Christensen
October 22 – Tracy Fleishman, Danielle Haider, Kasidy Salmans
October 23 – Joan Steinebach, Annette Holder, Zeb Delp, Cashion Hodam, Kai Young, Talan Young, Pat Police
October 24 – Eric Townsend, Danielle Turnbull, Ruth Conser
October 25 – Frank Slaven, Beverly Finkenbinder, Kaylani Jackson, Journey Fleishman, MaKayla Carter
October 26 – Lee Shevel, Claudine Boomgarden, Larry Williams, Rick Huff, Matthew Kunze, Sabrina Clapero, Pat Rogers
October 27 – Sara Lovelace
October 28 – Nevaeh Breton, Mason Boyen
October 29 – Dottie Rice, Edwin Hughes, Tina Hicks, Corinna Tuuri
October 30 – Frances Stewart, Sue Clouse, Stephen Haider Jr., Ryder Vroom
October 31 – Adam Bergendorff, Courtney Boyen
November 1 – Jim Roberts, Seth Penning, Gracelyn Laker, Steve Schmidt, Dan Pankow
November 2 – Tom Uphoff, Evie Hernandez, Wyatt Klein, Anita Barbier, Janice Brown, Joshua Schoene, Ronald Busboom,
November 3 – Karen Hudelson
November 4 – Carly Meyers, Tyler Werch, Karly Tuuri, Chris Collins
November 5 – Fritz Ehorn, Ron Robson, Dean Mercer, Nicole Franco, Joshua McCracken, Eileen Martineau, David Dresher, Lily Walder, Jeanie Schimke, Graydon Fritz
November 6 – Stella Olson, Logan Insalaco
November 7 – Barbara Diamond, Margaret Thompson, Valerie Morales, Jared Cummins
November 8 – Ryan Inglett, Shannon Michelson, Haleigh Christensen, Betty James
November 9 – Ashley Ellerd,  Alex D’Agostino,
November10 – Connie Ubben, Troy Neasham, Nicholas Galaviz, Maree Formicola
November 11 – Aaron Clapero, Steve Wilson, Terri Wilson
November 12 – Carol Legatzke, Lara Stempel, Samantha Morales, Gabriel Aimanza
November 14 – Richard Turner, Susan Norin, Adam Alejandro, Jonathan Burros, Maureen Volle, Jacob McCracken
November 15 – Stephanie Bergsma, Eddie Owens, Sharlene Dolman, Andy Mendibles, James Conley, Joanne North, Cheryl Machac, Emmie Schrantz
November 16 – Anita Bade, Evan Carlson
November 18 – Priscilla Raue, Gretchen Freeman, Mabeth Clem, Victoria Temple, Sean Burger, Cassidy Stack
November 19 – Kathleen McElroy, Georgene Birchard, Missy Norvelle, Holly Burnmeister
November 20 – Chris Baird, Conner Hassman, Neveah Hockenbury
November 21 – Bernie Boomgarden, Jim Thompson, Kelly Vance, Kyndel Smith
November 22 – Brooke Criger, Addie Schrantz, Arabelle Ellis, Jan Persons
November 23 – Adam Kirby, Madison Halliday, Chris Norman, Steve Becker
November 24 – Cooper Delp, Landon Futch, Torry Brandhuber
November 25 – Joe Wickwire, Conny Culver, Donald Yeazel, Jimmy Miller, Ceader Yount, Reed James Wick
November 26 – Bob Wasik, Brian Tuuri, Chloe Butler, Tessa Encinas
November 27 – Emma DeBerry, Courtney Patton
November 29 – Doreen Miller, Noah Grissom, Edward Palacios
November 30 – Samuel Stempel
December 1 – Judy Staub, Gary Nennig, Jenni Young, Danny Moore
December 2 – Vernon Reeb, Dave Burros, Bre Scott, Cathy Fankhauser
December 3 – Bobbi Roth
December 4 – Marian Ritter, Jordan Garcia, Jace Garcia, Kerolyn Kulvatunyou, Julia Cook
December 5 – Bonnie Vaughn, Fred Finkenbinder, Angela Theiss, Sebastian Castano
December 6 – Stephen Butler, Sally Gray, Ella Butler
December 7 – Sandy Miller, Jacob Brady
December 8 – Lindzay Mittlestadt, Lute Prouse, Gary Reinke, Terry Miner, Madeline Lovemore, Raegan Gedzyk
December 9 – Maddie Hudson, Cathy Meek, Sarah Hawbaker, Annabelle Zimmer
December 10 – Steve Moseley, Abigail Halliday, Hannah Bae, Stella Cureton, Kelsey Koenig,
December 11 – Betty Stevenson, Betty Cain, Carole Rubel, Jessica Bergendorff, Hailey Huff, Matt Norvelle, Ryan Cooke
December 12 – Meg Knauff, Dave Kersey, Andrew Mendibles, James Sun
December 13 – Brett Roberts
December 14 – Lea Heckman
December 15 – Alexandra Hernandez, Rick Lovelace, Rick Trevizo, Sue Bach Call
December 16 – Aaron Vaughn, Samantha Yarter, Brandon Barrios
December 17 – Elladyne Tripp, Susan Davis, Brooke Baker, Janet Arce, Taylor Patterson
December 18 – Adele Ahern, Penelope Van Bogaert
December 19 – Sarah Price, Steve Davis, John Voorhees, Brooke Spofford, Casey Ellis, Derek Futch, Debbie Schull, Lynn Dyer
December 20 – Tommie Graham, Colin Hicks, Charles Starr
December 21 – Robin Coulter, Michelle Pruitt, Kailey Haider, Nicole Duran
December 22 – Wanda Ransom, Charles Neal, Sharon Wright, Kensley Hoover
December 23 -- Kinsley Carlson, Roxanna Walsh
December 24 – Carol Gongwer, Sue Hoffmann, Heather Locke,
December 25 – Noomie Velen, Dominic Russo
December 26 – Kristen Mawhirter, Sierra Clark, Rechelle Norman, Dylan Cook
December 27 - Helen Hall, Katya Olson
December 28 – Lani Clark, Austin Grissom
December 29 – Kenneth Wright, Ashley Coulter, Ignacio Gamez, Larry Volle, Manny Herrera, Victoria Mathieson, Alex Carrillo, Sydney Lehrke
December 30 – Barbara Hughes, Ruth Davis
December 31 – David Bohlman, Priss Wright, Jayden Graham, Richard Kalina