Join us for this four part sermon series leading up to Easter!

We now have three morning worship services! Pastor Craig preaches the same message at all services, but the 9:00am service has a little different worship style and meets in the Student Worship Center. The 8:45 and 10:30am services remain the same in the main sanctuary.  

Mark your calendar to attend this service!  Invite friends and enjoy!

This will be a very meaningful service that you won't want to miss!

Celebrate our risen Lord on Easter Sunday with us! We have four service times for you to chose from. Invite friends!

We have an opportunity to help others in our community at Gospel Rescue Mission by providing new undergarments for men, women and children. Sponsored by YES ministries, everyone is encouraged to bring donations on March 22 and 29. Place them at a table set up on the patio. For more information, contact Bob Dreher at 296-9486.

On Sunday morning, April 12 we will hold our annual church  leadership election. Please be in prayer for the decisions that will be made.

Mark your calendar and plan on attending this concert! Tickets are now on sale on our website or 

This Bible study is for people who want to learn about God’s   story and their place in it! This class begins on Sunday, March 15 at 10:30am in room 9 (in south SS Wing).
-Seekers who are curious about Christianity.
-Starters who are new to a relationship with Jesus.
-Returners who have been away from church for a while.
Pastor Katy teaches this class. For more information, contact Pastor Katy today at the Welcome Center or


The Temple of Love Children's Home located in the north of India will be the site where an OVCN Missions Team will be ministering during November 2015. This team is now forming. If you are interested in hearing more about our plans, please join the next “Team India” meeting, April 23 at 7pm in the YAC. For more information please contact Dick Egolf at 818-0785 or  

Single Moms Care & Support Ministry meets on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month, from 5-7pm in the YAC building. Please help promote this ministry by distributing posters and cards (available in foyer) to places in NW Tucson. (gyms, stores, community boards, day care centers, etc.)
If you are a single mom interested in participating in this group, register on the patio between services today or contact Pastor  Katy at

All men are invited to our Men’s Breakfast on Saturday, March 28 from 8:00 to 9:30am. We will continue with the “Son of God” Bible study. For more information, contact David Bohlman at


All men are encouraged to come together to watch this great movie on Saturday, April 11 from 4-6pm.

All ladies are invited to enjoy our Ladies Spring Brunch on Saturday, April 18 at 10am. Invite friends to this fun event!

Visitation team members go out in groups to visit care receivers in their homes or care facilities. Those currently serving on a visitation team or interested in joining are encouraged to attend our training event on March 25 from 9-11:30am in Hayslip Hall. We will enjoy a light breakfast and learn more about this ministry. For more information, contact Pastor Katy at

All kids are invited to this fun night! Invite friends!

Easter Eggstravaganza...All kids are invited to participate in our Easter Eggstravaganza on Saturday, April 4 at 10am-noon. Mark your calendar and invite friends!


Come to this two-day conference designed to help adoptive and foster parents, ministry leaders, and professionals better understand how to connect with “children from hard places” in order to help them heal and become all that God desires for them to be. This simulcast will be held on April 10-11, from 9am to 5pm here at our church. For more information, contact Sven Olson at

-Join us for Youth Sunday School every Sunday at 10:30am at the East Campus.
-Wednesday night youth group is at 6:45pm at the East Campus.

For more information on youth ministry, contact Nate Snider at

Tickets will go on sale on March 22. This is a great way to support our youth!

For more information, contact Pastor Jimmy at or 297-8297.

Our next JOY luncheon is Saturday, April 11 at noon. Donated undergarments received today will be presented to Gospel Rescue Mission at this luncheon. Also, names beginning with A-F are to bring dessert, G-L bring salads, M-R bring veggies and S-Z bring main entree. Invite friends!

Find a new ministry by contacting Pastor Katy and learning about how your gifts and talents can be used to serve God and others (

Watch for more details about this new ministry! Contact Pastor Katy at for more information.


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY.....and many more to come!

March 28 – George and Monnie Applegate
March 29 – Levi and Alexandra Hernandez
March 30 – Ron and Judy Staub
April 1 – Andres and Amber Esparza
April 2 – Gary and Monica Wright
April 4 – Leonard and Helen Hall
April 5 – Steve Garcia and Elizabeth Rodock
April 9 – Brian and Corinna Tuuri
April 11 – Michael and Tabitha Intschert
April 14 – Jon and Melissa Cuneo
April 16 – Sam and Betty Cain
April 17 – Bob and Suzanne Steiner
April 19 – Ruben and Irene Acosta
April 20 – Peter and Kim Heath
April 23 – Jerry and Janet Mawhirter
April 24 – James and Denise Childress, Roger and Sandy Bales
April 25 – Humberto and Valerie Morales
April 27 – Ken and Michelle Pruitt
April 30 – Kent and Katy Scott
May 1 – Lynn and Donna Hayse
May 4 – Ed and Doreen Miller
May 10 – Ken and Debbie Grissom
May 11 – Chris and Pamela Baird
May 12 – Shane and Lori Clark, Larry and Helen Burger, Jimmy and Sandy Miller
May 17 – Jaime and Monica Duran, Clint and Adelina Martin
May 18 – George and Joyce Schulte, Phillip and Tana Breton
May 19 – Charles and Patty Starr
May 20 – Fred and Hazel Cave, Steve and Joy Lautenschlaeger, Dick and Janet Mattheis, Mike and Jennifer Walker, Todd and Carmen Spitzer
May 21 – Shawn and Kelly Rose
May 24 – James and Donna Hansen, Ted and Julie Johnson
May 25 – Larry and Sundra Williams, Bryan and Stephanie Bergsma, Manny and Sylvia Herrera
May 26 – Larry and Luann Waldron
May 27 – Aaron and Lauren Stidham, James and Cheryl Machac, Richard and Sharon Haugebak
May 28 – Dale and Barbara Diamond, John and Sandra Miller
May 29 – Wendell and Connie Ubben
May 30 – Deren and Kaylani Jackson
May 31 – John and Kathy Minor, Mark and Kim Mittlestadt


March 20 – Parker Young
March 21 – Luke Lindley, Gary Snow
March 22 – Trevor Cherryholmes, Caroline Williams, Hannah DeBake
March 23 -  Charles Hoffmann, Billy Edwards, Bill Back, Marie Tayburn, Katherine Salmans, Maxwell Kaschner
March 24 – Ellie DeBerry, Carol Tarr
March 25 – Mike Pastor, Tianna Carter, Mildred King, Morgan Darby, Eric Brady
March 27 – Sid Felker, Antje Calkins, Aubry Suddath, Isabella Porter, Matt Solem
March 28 – Nancy Bradley, Catherine Kunze,  Jacob Stahlman, Sam Racioppo
March 29 – Gail Robson, Nick Allen
March 30 – Karena Bowler, Ashley Ellis
March 31 – George Deakin, Carmen Trevizo, James Hansen, David Hossley
April 1 – Tyler Goddard
April 2 – Lori Lindley, Richard Haugebak, Melissa Cuneo, Caidan Sawyer, Kathy Green
April 3 – Joel Smith, Nathan Boyles, Erick Trevizo
April 4 – Mary Locke, Tamra McClurken, Leon Porter
April 5 – Linda Roberts, Glenn Garrett, Caiden Delp, David Williams, Jackson Williams, Jacey Norman
April 6 – Jason Lindley, Shaun Gray, Sasha Mishler
April 7 – Faye Shevel, Fred Fultz, JR Hudson, Bill Simpson, Suzanne Steiner, Jacey Yount, Nick Klutch
April 8 – Betty Deivert, Gabrile Walsh
April 9 – Vernon Roy, Ann Cherryholmes, Callaghan Ellis, Don Croddy, Tyler Schott
April 10 – Justine Gross, Analise Bach, Victoria Watts
April 11 – Linda Clark, John Kovacs
April 12 – Tanner Thorsrud, Jared Pastor, Anais Gabrielle, Lilian Esparza, Isabella Ahumada
April 13 – Emily Albaugh, Candy Scott, Brooklyn Donahue
April 14 – Mi Chang, Chelsea Solem, Laura Choate, Noah Klingman, Aliya Haas, Emily Hull, Emily Cogan
April 15 – Joann Chang, Rose DiMaggio
April 16 – Jaime Duran, Daniel Ramey, Aaron Cochran, Nikolai Schatz, Neil Jackson
April 17 – Gerald Bultman, Keith Curtis, Linda Mitchell, Kathy Minor, Brian Graham, Nicole Pierce, Dean Rosser, Jack Crawford
April 18 – Rebecca Lee, Donna Hayse, Nancy Vaughn, Julie Choate, Rachel Insalaco, Michael Rambaud, Megan Pruitt, Joseph Voorhees, Betty Deivert,
April 19 – Becca Davis, Shannon Mawhirter, Kelly Rose, Brad Bach, Anna/Victoria Keller
April 20 – Paul Berg
April 21 – Donald Rediker, Doug Clem, Deanna Doughty, Adeline Stasney, Connor Ellis
April 22 – Greg DeGrandchamp, Zevin DeGrandchamp, Patricia Havens Assenzo, Beckett Delp
April 23 – James Kemper, Craig Coulter, Peter Conser, Nycole Vadnais, Connie Mitchell, Tim Walsh, Donna Smith
April 24 – Lisa Mitchell, Darrin Whiteside, Stephen Haider, Paula McCracken, Erin Walker, Jacob Hawbaker
April 25 – Travis Northey
April 26 – Jo Paden, Victoria Galaviz, Hayden Klein, Tyler Sparks, Pat Slifer
April 27 – David Skwiat, Tiana LeBlanc, Allison Fleck
April 28 – Mike Spiva, Diane Goodin, Allysandra Suddath
April 29 – Julie Uphoff, Hannah Pastor, Parker Neasham
April 30 – Victoria Graham, Tyler Thornton, Sophia Lozano
May 1 – Teresa Irwin, Cameron Gillette, Amber Esparza, Asher Nichols
May 2 – Lura Lloyd, Piper Hansen, Maeona Moseley, Pam Wright
May 3 – Rhonda Curtis, Frank Caristi, Helen Porter
May 4 – Marsha Scoles, Janet Gore
May 5 – Brigitte Lybeck, Walter Temple, Chandler Gillette,Leigh Briels, Cason Collins
May 6 – Bob Steiner, Courtney Miller, Sadie Lee, Liza McAlees, Cindi Ervin
May 7 – Doug Porter, Mia Kuntz,
May 8 – Ed Miller, Dan Maghran, Jacob Schoene, Hugh Hart, Mickey Velen
May 9 – Dana Denney
May 10 – Cory Hodam, Ethan Tees, Bethany Clapero, Ruby Traweek, Louella Owens, Jackson Summit Owens, Norah Owens
May 11 – Reyna Beattie
May 12 – Deanna Whiteside, Caden Young, Mason Fisher, Robert Kane, Madilynn Bennett
May 13 – Jerry Burger, George Boone, Jacob Liddick
May 14 – Odie Crane, Anthony Rambaud, Devon Carter, Peter Heath
May 15 – Sophia Colldock
May 16 – Connie Dixon, Matt Mawhirter, John Voorhees Jr., Daniel Yom
May 17 – Steve Lautenschlaeger
May 18 – Wendell Ubben, Tom Graham, Tyler Jonason, Terika Horton, Donna Hansen, Shaan Sareen
May 19 – Jack Culver, Janet Mawhirter, Melissa Ryan, Christi Locke, Christopher Molander
May 20 – Bette Hanson, Damion Lupo, Dearyion Lupo, Trish Shelton, Lucas Gottry
May 21 – Doris Felix, Shelby Mittlestadt
May 22 – Pam Maldonado, George Esslinger, Erin Girdler, Pam Maldonado, Morgan Nelson
May 23 – Pamela Baird, Peter Bade, Kurt Meek, Valerie Miller
May 24 – Norma Haire, Phyllis Northey, Finley Simpson, Lois Dreher, Erin Lowery, Howie Ahern
May 25 – Joey Clemente, Blake Baker, Donna Herring, AJ VanBogaert
May 26 – Lynnlee Rammell
May 28 – Bob Honea, Don Cook, Dave Scoles, Barb Back, Andrew Lamb, Alexandra Suarez
May 29 – Tracey Cummins, Britten Johnston
May 30 – Mikaela Wright, Corey Spofford
May 31 – Joyce Newton, Seth Criger, Givanna Lupo, Jody Hawbaker