Join us on Sunday mornings as Pastor Craig helps us to build a healthy family. 

We now have three morning worship services! Pastor Craig preaches the same message at all services, but the 9:00am service has a little different worship style and meets in the Student Worship Center. The 8:45 and 10:30am services remain the same in the main sanctuary.  

Use the Bible app to follow along with today’s message on your mobile device.  Open the Bible app, select Menu (More), then select Live. Select Search for a Live Event. You should see, “Courage in the Face of Opposition” for OVCN – Main Campus. Select to open.

Check with Pastor Genell for specific items. Help our kids help our community!

Worship Ministry offer many exciting opportunities for you to get involved.  For more information, contact Pastor Larry at 297-8297 or   
-Celebration Choir leads worship along with singing in our weekly services.
-Celebration Band plays big band pieces. We make it easy for you to pick up your instrument you played in high school or college.
-Technical opportunies are available using your skills behind the scenes in audio, video, media, streaming, musical production, etc.



Small Groups are one of the vital ways we stay connected at Oro Valley Church of the Nazarene. If you would like to be part of a small group, come on Sunday, August 23, from 5:00 to 7:00pm to get connected. For more information, contact Gail or David Bohlman at  

Find out what it means to be part of this community of believers at Oro Valley Church of the Nazarene. Our next class on membership will be offered on Saturday, September 19, from 9:00-11:30 am and is taught by Pastor Craig. Brunch will be served. Childcare is available upon request. Please RSVP to the church office at 297-8297 or


Our annual rummage sale will take place on September 25-26 from 7:00am to 1:00pm. We encourage you to bring donated sale items to the mobile-mini storage unit   located at the northeast corner of our property, behind the sanctuary. For more information, contact Pastor Larry at 297-8297 or .

Summer is a great time to refocus and plug into a meaningful ministry. Opportunities are available to join the Kids Zone and make a difference in a child’s life. Contact Pastor Genell at 297-8297 or if you are interested.



-Join us for Youth Sunday School every Sunday at 10:30am at the East Campus.
-Wednesday night youth group is at 6:45pm at the East Campus.

For more information on youth ministry, contact Nate Snider at

For more information, contact Pastor Jimmy at or 297-8297.

Upcoming events are:

August 7-9...Young Adult Retreat

September 11-13...Six Flags Trip

October 8-11...Mexico Mission Trip

Don’t miss this year’s Special Touch Arizona Summer
Getaway! This camp is for people with special needs and for those that would like to volunteer with openings for campers, caregivers, and kitchen workers. Bring a friend! For more
information and to apply, visit the website at Or,
contact Miriam Christensen at


One of our key ministry partners is Casa Esperanza, (the House of Hope). This orphanage rescues abandoned children from the streets of Hermosillo Mexico and provides them with a Christian home, filled with love and hope. The children are cared for in a family setting and raised with strong Christian values. The message of Salvation through our Lord Jesus is clearly presented and lived out in their presence. We have the opportunity to help them. To learn more, or to sponsor a child, contact Monica Duran at or visit


Find a new ministry by contacting Pastor Katy and learning about how your gifts and talents can be used to serve God and others (

Watch for more details about this new ministry! Contact Pastor Katy at for more information.


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY.....and many more to come!


July 23 – Ernie and Marie Calkins, Jim and Nancy Vaughn
July 25 – John and Mitzie Lupo
July 26 – Gary and Ruth Rehm, Shaun and Hannah Gray
July 28 – Seth and Emily Penning
July 29 – Jim and Marie Tayburn
July 31 – Dale and Maggie Kirk, Steve and Susan Davis
August 1 – Ryan and Lindsay Inglett
August 3 – Tim and Pam Story, John and Marie Voorhees
August 6 – Brian and Catherine Kunze, Matt and Chelsea Solem
August 7 – Gregory and Carol Tarr
August 8 – Donald and Dorothy Rediker, Vernon and Lois Reeb
August 10 – Tom and Sandy Rowley
August 11 – Panit Wongnikom and Narong Kulvtunyou
August 14 – JR and Lorraine Hudson, Zach and April Young
August 15 – Mike and Terri Pastor
August 16 – Robert and Linda Mitchell
August 18 – Gerald and Ruth Bultman, Rick and Cindi Ervin
August 19 – Jack and Frances Stewart
August 20 – Lee and Faye Shevel
August 22 – Keith and Bonnie Vaughn, Jim and Jeannie Hicks
August 24 – Kenneth and Priss Wright, Craig and Robin Coulter
August 25 – Brent and Marty Michelson
August 27 – Matt and Jamie Young
August 28 – Doug and Peggy Porter, Jim and Linda Roberts
August 30 – Denis and Leigh Briels
September 2 – Maury and Luana Rutherford
September 3 – Jeanla and Shea Man
September 5 – David and Christine Capaccio
September 6 – George and Pam Boone
September 7 – Zachary and Nicole Pierce
September 8 – Mike and Jill Spiva
September 9 – Troy and Shelley Neasham
September 10 – Peter and Anita Bade
September 11 – Dave and Jan Kersey
September 12 – Tim and Mary-Esther Kauffman
September 16 – James and Mi Chang
September 23 – Edwin and Barbara Hughes
September 24 – Jack and Wanda Ransom, Kenny and Kim Goodman, Frank and Robin Sodari
September 25 – Bill and Stephanie Ryan, Bob and Pat Honea
September 30 – Bill and Julie Odom, Kim and Paula Schlittenhart



July 24 – Janice Miller, John Hoiland
July 26 – Bill Haught, Kolhie Jackson, Shawn Rose, Joshua Hoover
July 27 – Micah Mercer
July 28 – Christian Galaviz, Robert Burger
July 29 – Lindsey Suddath, Daniel Stoltzfus, Rune Stanislaw, Ariella Cruz, Susan Bergman
July 30 – Lois Reeb, Courtney Wright, Katie Bergsma, Philip James
July 31 – Jim Myers, Bob Dreher, Ronald Choate, Jordan Voorhees, Declan Donahue
August 1 – Pam Schiller, Jackie Simpson, Terri Pastor, Eric Beach, Katrina Stogner
August 3 – Taylor Lorenson, Gina Scott, Candace Bonnett, Camillie Rollins
August 4 – Ethan Lee, Judy Trees, Sherry Blake, Shelby Lovemore, Danielle Adams, Barbara Dresher, Brandon Rhodes
August 5 – Lily Peters, Jake Hutcherson
August 6 – Carrie Haas, David VanVuren, Penny Myers, Doug Mulvanny
August 7 – Sandy Santoro, Gregory Tarr, Kaylyn Collins, Katie Sutherland
August 8 – Jillian Putnam, Brandon Dreher, Bennett Gaddis, Izzy Ciurca, Ron Dirksen, Barbara Allen
August 9 – Amanda Nennig, Caleb Timler, Raylynn Haas, Kayla Shortell, Elaine Maahs, Conner Moreno, Kayla Shortell
August 10 – Madelyn Conser, Brian Carswell
August 11 – George Schulte, Sheila Beeson, Elizabeth DeGrandchamp, Julia Lindley, Alex Olson, Tristan Silbernagel, Liam Uphoff
August 12 – Pat White, Gloanna Peek, Keana Jackson, Priscilla Gamez, Evan Neese, Keana Jackson, Aubrey Gebhardt, Iliana Moreno
August 13 – Cheryl Alden, Samantha Baird, Allison Bergendorff, Aly Ciurca, Clara Roberts, Shirlyan Hurt
August 14 – James Childress, Micah Noguera
August 15 – Ralph Runion, Jake Smith, Derrek Piliae, Mariel Nicole Farris
August 16 – Keith Vaughn, Chuck Tucek, Nancy Busse, Lottie Hawkins, Steve Wilson
August 17 – Jan Kersey, Dwight Denney, Brysen Grissom, Bill Hutcherson, Kate Olson, Gunner Jonason
August 18 – Celeste Trevizo, Stephen Moseley, James Kipe, Lotte Edwards, Doug Charlton, Matthew Austin
August 19 – Zach Young, John Stevenson, Thomas Hruska, Linda Perzan, Matthew Walsh
August 20 –Denzel Clouse, Kenny Goodman, Kelly Carlson, Jack Wagstaff, Trevor Brown
August 21 – Gina Graham, Lincoln Simpson
August 22 – Brandon Franklin, Alex McCrindle, Tonya Zanotti, Walter Matsche
August 23 --  Maxwell Derickson, Josiah Ray, CristianLlamas
August 25 – Samuel Felker, Isiah Aguilar
August 27 – Jim Vaughn, Tom Kemper, Paul Tees
August 28 – Cyndi Deville, Mark Ritter, Suzy Block, Achilles Cadena, Samuel Wims, Noah Carabajal
August 29 – Courtney Haas, Alina Grace McCoy, Daisy Patterson, Elijah Noguera
August 30 – Debbie Grissom, Phillip Breton, Mary Uphoff, Anthony Maldonado, Jessica Bednorz, Elizabeth Walker, Taylar Walker
August 31 – Morris Hicks, Jackson Klein, Megan Grogan
September 1 – Pamela Prouse, Kyle Berglund, Lauren Hitner, Pearl Velarde
September 2 – Charlotte Williamson, Jeremy Young, Julia Voorhees
September 3 – Jim Rupp, Kim Goodman
September 4 – Swede Hanson, Kayla Kemper, Tyler Engle, Briana Gallichant
September 5 – Jaylee Graham, Makenzie Rammell, Andrew Stempel
September 6 – Quinn Nguyen, Matt Young, Jessica Ryan, Avri Ellis
September 7 – Jody Rammell, Jessica Meyer
September 8 – Terry Browneller, Marge Garrett, Genell Cherryholmes, Sylvia Herrera, Ivan Modesto
September 9 – Jill Spiva, Wade Cureton, Morgan Hill, Isaiah Chimanga, Janea Lockhardt
September 10 –Brian Wick
September 11 –Teri Peecher, Katy Scott, Loretta Goodin, Brian Wasik, Jack Schull
September 12 – David Schimke, Deborah Marshall
September 13 – Monnie Applegate, Robert Mitchell, Rebekah Stoltzfus, Remy Matulewic
September 14 – Julie Odom, Chloe Lisowski, Brayden Dreher, Hank Wolowicz, Josh Fiechtner
September 15 – Jillian Gaddis, Billie Lynn Thomas
September 16 – Hollace Neasham
September 17 – Tyler Cherryholmes, Joseph Goodin, Taylor Thatcher
September 18 – Neal Patronsky, Kelli Stetson, Kyle Pruitt, Dick Mattheis
September 19 – Belinda Taylor, Lindsey Stogner
September 20 – Pauline Shelby, Lindsay Inglett, Panit Wongnikom
September 21 – Bob Dooley, Dorothy Rediker, Luann Waldron, Greg Wagstaff, Kathy Brown
September 22 – Wanell Schaeffer, Stephen Porter, Jason Hunt, Elizabeth Temple
September 23 – Matthew Klingman
September 24 – Nora Cowgill, John Dohogne, Tawney Criger, James Machac
September 25 – Chris Cherryholmes, Jason Clapero, Cristabel Galaviz, Kaci Burger, Catherine Wick
September 26 – Chris Phillips, Liberty Simpson, Melanie Burros, Janet Lasonder, Laurie Grogan, Brayden Roberts, Malee Jackson,
September 27 – Rick Ervin
September 28 – Georgeanne Evans, Mike Townsend, Carly Goodin, Marilyn Tex Carman, Patty Starr
September 29 – Carl Poe
September 30 – Don Wilson, Bob Boyles, Megan Insalaco, Addy Canard