Everyone is welcome to this free event!  Doors open 1 hour prior to each performance, so come early for best seating. 

  •  Friday, December 19.......6:00 & 8:00pm
  •  Saturday, December 20...3:00 & 5:00pm
  •  Sunday, December 21.....3:00 & 5:00pm


Join us for a memorable family service. This is a great way to start your Christmas!


*Love the Word.
*Learn the Word.

Join us in January as we focus on "40 Days in the Word."  There will be an accompanying Small Group study. 

Join a Small Group to do “40 Days in the Word” Bible study.      New groups will form on January 18, from 5:00 to 7:00pm at our Connection Event. 

Find out what it means to be part of this community of believers at Oro Valley Church of the Nazarene. Our next class on          membership will be offered on Saturday, January 24 from 9:00-11:30am and is taught by Pastor Craig. Brunch will be served. Childcare is available upon request. Please RSVP to the church office at 297-8297 or sally@ovcn.org.


We plan to hold another Feed My Starving Children event at OVCN on January 22-24.  Mark  your calendar and watch for more detailed information in the coming months. Talk with your family and your Small Group about participating together in this Missions event. Our objective will be to  build over 225,000 meals for malnourished children.
What a blessing!


Last Chance to Buy FMSC Gift Cards

Do you have loved ones on your Christmas list that you have no idea what to buy them? Consider giving a Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) gift card. Your monetary gift of $25 or $50 will feed a malnourished child for up to seven months! These gift cards are available in the courtyard between services and after second service. Your gift is tax deductible and will provide funding needed to host our 3rd annual OVCN/FMSC Mobile Pack event on January 22-24. 

To read the Bible cover to cover in a single year takes community and accountability. Reading the Bible in chronological order brings new levels of understanding and meaning to the story of God’s people, Jesus Christ, and the church. This study is for husbands and fathers who are striving to be the priest of their home. Sign up in the courtyard before December 28 to join the group or contact Chris Collins at ccollins@azfca.org.

Mark your calendars and plan on attending!


Single Moms Care & Support Ministry meets on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month, from 5-7pm in the YAC building. Please help promote this ministry by distributing posters and cards (available in foyer) to places in NW Tucson. (gyms, stores, community boards, day care centers, etc.)
If you are a single mom interested in participating in this group, register on the patio between services today or contact Pastor  Katy at katy@ovcn.org.

This fun group meets every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month. It begins on Thursday, September 4 from 9:30-11:30am, in the SWC.  For more information, contact Noel Dreher at 975-7996. 



This is a great opportunity for parents. 

This is our small groups for kids. They meet on Wednesdays from 6:45-8:15pm. 


All senior highers are welcome to this fun event. Watch for details!


For more information, contact Pastor Jimmy at jimmy@ovcn.org or 297-8297.

DVDs of our Christmas musicals are available to purchase at our Media Center, located at the window outside our sanctuary doors. Pick one up for your family or friends!

Start your year with our JOY luncheon on January 10 at noon in Hayslip Hall. The Jim Landing Family will be our entertainment! Names A-F bring hot veggie, G-L bring main entree, M-R bring dessert, and S-Z bring salad. Bring friends and enjoy a fun afternoon.


Join us as we enjoy a concert by the Tempe Woodwind Ensemble at Vista de la Montana United Methodist Church in Catalina on Sunday, January 25 at 3pm. For more information, contact Ruth Rehm at 297-2002.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY.....and many more to come!

December 20 – Ralph and Lois Runion, Larry and Barb Vinyard, Doug and Rita Charlton
December 21 – Charles and Sue Hoffman
December 23 – Jim and Nadine Rupp, Jim and Meg Richardson, Zeb and Alyson Delp
December 26 – Bob and Lois Dreher,  
December 27 – Sid and Dianne Felker, David and Barbara Dresher
December 29 – Mike and Sally Gray
December 30 – Charles and Sophia Colldock
January 1 –   Tom and Belinda Taylor
January 2 –   Dan and Ginger Maghran, Brian and Amy Graham, Tom and Sue Taylor
January 5 –   Ed and Jackie Simpson
January 7 –   Jack and Debbie Schull
January 8 –   Guy and Cindy Yarter
January 10 – Frederick and Nancy Marshall Ehorn, Steve and Andrea Schmidt
January 13 – Bob and Julie Dooley
January 20 – Swede and Bette Hanson
January 27 – Jack and Dottie Wilmore
January 30 – Frank and Sandy Santoro
February 3 –   Darrin and Deanna Whiteside, Tim and Roxanna Walsh
February 4 –   Jason and Lori Lindley, Ted and Georgene Birchard
February 8 –   Larry and Maureen Volle, Ron Dirksen and Patricia Richards
February 9 –   Bill and Wendi Gaddis
February 10 – Chris and Genell Cherryholmes
February 12 – Dan and Judith Whitlock Murr
February 14 – Rick and Kathy Huff, Terry and Bobbi Roth, Neal and Fran Patronsky, Steve and Brenda Moseley, Rodney and Rosie Slack
February 15 – Roger and Sharon Brandt
February 18 – Kurt and Cathy Meek
February 19 – Charles and Nancy Hale
February 23 – Mike and Deb Townsend
February 25 – Chris and Tonya Zanotti
February 26 – Bill Simpson and Liberty Simpson
February 28 – Jack and Conny Culver


December 19 – Sarah Price, Steve Davis, John Voorhees, Brooke Spofford, Casey Ellis, Derek Futch, Debbie Schull, Lynn Dyer
December 20 – Tommie Graham, Colin Hicks, Charles Starr
December 21 – Robin Coulter, Michelle Pruitt, Kailey Haider, Nicole Duran
December 22 – Wanda Ransom, Charles Neal, Sharon Wright, Kensley Hoover
December 23 -- Kinsley Carlson, Roxanna Walsh
December 24 – Carol Gongwer, Sue Hoffmann, Heather Locke,
December 25 – Noomie Velen, Dominic Russo
December 26 – Kristen Mawhirter, Sierra Clark, Rechelle Norman, Dylan Cook
December 27 - Helen Hall, Katya Olson
December 28 – Lani Clark, Austin Grissom
December 29 – Kenneth Wright, Ashley Coulter, Ignacio Gamez, Larry Volle, Manny Herrera, Victoria Mathieson, Alex Carrillo, Sydney Lehrke
December 30 – Barbara Hughes, Ruth Davis
December 31 – David Bohlman, Priss Wright, Jayden Graham, Richard Kalina
January 1 – Carl Travor, Timothy Ammon, Lily Tees, Connor Chase, Jeannie Hicks, Joseph Assenzo
January 2 – Jack Longley, Clara Moore, Bette Tripp, Elisabeth Stasney, Katy Starr, Amber Odell, Daniel Cooke, Abel Cruz
January 3 – Chris Hodam, Hunter Quiroz, Madison Stasney, Frank Bonnett, Aspen Sawyer
January 4 – Amy Graham, Josh Miller, Sydney Averill, Lucas Cleveland
January 5 – Anita Yeazel, Neal Girdler, Carol Locke, Corbin Matulewic, Kylie Carlson, Nina Bennett
January 6 – Marie Voorhees, Clayton Whiteside, Meriah Hernandez, Allison Agan, Carl Herring
January 7 – Caitlin Haas, Emilio Aguilar
January 8 – George Johnson, Alexis Osborn
January 9 – Lynne Nelson, Mary Ellen Wright
January 10 – Pam Story, Jackson Fleck
January 11 – Bethany Klein
January 12 – Dreda Young,  Lena Nelson, Dan Lewis Jr.
January 13 – Dianne Felker, Peggy Trotter, Jennifer Walker, Brian Stahlman, Haley Tarelton
January 14 – Juanita Roy, Deb Townsend, Chris Zanotti, Lisa Matulewic, Kaleb Long, Royce Schlittenhart, Brooke Wright, Campbell Phillips, Marilyn Rego, Chloe Green
January 15 – Thomas Theiss, Sharon Brandt, Jordyn Brady
January 16 – Michael Uphoff, Stockton Laker, Jadyn Collins
January 17 – Levi Hernandez, Mary Suddath, Gerald Miller, Jacob Duran
January 18 – Kristel Thatcher
January 19 – Hazel Cave, Cory Wold
January 20 – Paul Smith, Rachel Orr, Nicole deRais, Kristen Steiner, Abby Odom, John Lupo Jr.
January 21 – Kim Schlittenhart, Bill Nicholson
January 22 – Landry Wilfert, Madison Inglett
January 23 – Barb Vinyard, Mary Lamb, Jeremy Kreibich, John McCracken, Maddy Vicino
January 24 – Dan Putnam, Chelsea Clark, Savannah Garcia
January 25 – Susan Voigt, Sara Lloyd, Zackary Neasham, Mia Bade
January 26 – Fred Roof, Cynthia Hallett
January 27 – Donna Fultz, Bill Odom, Taylor Olson, Luke Stahlman, Adrienne Berko, Nancy Wold, Julie Johnson
January 28 – Jack Ransom, Lisa Rambaud, Skyler Chase, Bob Willkom, Glenda Hossley, Rita Charlton, Isabelle Ng, Hayden Gonzalez
January 29 – Bjorn Olson, Rachel Bach
January 30 – Paul Suddath, Scott Engle, Jim Tayburn
January 31 – Wayne Orr, Tim Story,Vera Floyd, Colin Grogan, Jack Russell, Suzy McCoy
February 1 – Ron Staub, Arabella Young
February 2 – Robyn Porter, Alyssa Mendibles, Erin Olson, Elijah Kuntz, Janice Jennings, Chase Donahue
February 3 – Kameron Lisowski, Taylor Grammar, Jacob Smith
February 4 – Mark Mittlestadt, Erik Olson, Ryan Grogan
February 5 – Jeanne McCrory, Jackson Usborne, Michael Hart
February 6 – Lena Laney
February 7 – Cherryl Conley, Brenda Baker, Camryn Quiroz, Jacob Olson, Amy Miller
February 8 – Victor Reeb, Thomas Rambaud, Benjamin Dreher, Brianna Manard, Isabella Wolfe, Raymond Laker
February 9 – Jim Richardson, Megan Finlayson, Michael Maas
February 10 – Dorothy Smith, Shandi Maghran, Don Hernandez, Walter King
February 11 – Debra Finn, Juli Martin, Lexi Baker
February 12 – Stephen Locke, Michael Locke, Caleb Ritter
February 13 – Pat Poe, Sharon Wilson, Helena Hurbon, Tammy Carter, Jordan Figueroa
February 14 – Leona Lewis, Cambrie Delp
February 15 – Richard Egolf, Ted Birchard, Wendi Gaddis, Adam Townsend, Robby Hirsch
February 16 – Nate Odom, Allie Quiroz, Stephanie Ward, Jaden Moats
February 17 – Alex Johnston, April Young, Anna Shawver, Vicki Cunningham
February 18 – Madison Rozema, Avery Gurnett
February 19 – James Chang, Brittany Mumford, Lindsey David
February 20 – Staci Burger, Tim Franco, Yolanda Weinberger
February 22 – Larry Burger, Trevor Whiteside, Linda Meech, Jamie Young, Tina Kraemer, Debra Walsh
February 23 – Seth Ritter, Briana Dohogne, Alexis Alva, Charlie Johnson
February 24 – Nancy Ehorn, Nicole Finlayson, Nancy Marshall
February 25 – Lori Clark, George Applegate, Sandy Rowley, Juan Carlos Castano, Chris Moses, Adam Morgan, Andy Boyan
February 26 – Mitzie Lupo
February 27 – Jeffrey Hicks, Danny Myers
February 28 – Darrin Baker, Laura McGeary
February 29 – Frank Santoro